COVID-19 Safety in Construction Precautions

Even amidst the novel coronavirus, as an essential business, our work has continued, but we’ve been practicing strict social distancing rules and guidelines since the beginning of March!

As always, the safety of our team, partners and community is our number one priority. Here are some details of the precautions we’ve taken:

Masks: When we initially distributed these protective face masks to our team last year, they were used primarily as a facial shield, to stay cool and to protect exposed skin from the sun. Given the current situation, they have proven invaluable for much different reasons! We require all workers to wear masks at all times.

Open-Air Vehicles with Passenger Limits: We have encouraged all workers to drive themselves to their work locations whenever possible, but when transporting groups is required, we attempt to stick to open-air vehicles (UTVs) with passenger limits.

Immediate Sanitization: No matter the situation, all equipment operators must immediately sanitize and disinfect all vehicles, tools and surfaces thoroughly before and after use.

Lunch Breaks: All lunch break areas were set up with spacers set at 6 feet, including in front of all communal microwaves, vending machines and refrigerators. These communal fixtures are thoroughly sanitized each day and all workers must wash their hands before and after lunch breaks.

Daily Screening: To ensure that no one enters the worksite who may be carrying the virus, daily screenings are performed at all entry points with 6-foot spacing enforced in lines. All screeners take extreme precautions, using non-contact temperature readings and disposing of all personal protective equipment after each screening.