GROUP Service Highlight: Helical Piles

As one of the only three full-service deep foundations contractors in the region, we are committed to providing the highest service, quality and on-time delivery of a variety of foundational services, including helical piles.

Because they live underground,  you might have never seen them before, but helical piles play a crucial role in providing foundational support to structures like towers, pipe racks, buildings and power distribution poles. Multiple piles are strategically installed to create a level platform or pier to serve as a base to evenly distribute the weight, whether big or small, that they’re holding.

Made of hollow steel shafts complete with a screw or helix, helical piles are twisted into the ground. Once one is in place, another segment will be connected to it and stacked on top of it until the appropriate amount of extensions are in place until the designed torque is achieved to ensure proper bearing. It can actually be installed in a matter of minutes! 

In addition to the aspect of time-saving, helical piles offer other attractive benefits like:

  • No excavation or soil removal is required
  • Installation is unaffected by weather
  • Holding capacity is verified during installation
  • No harmful vibrations are needed for installation
  • Being ideal for areas of limited access or with a restricted workspace
  • Construction is unaffected by a high water table
  • They can be installed with common construction equipment
  • They are lightweight, easy to handle and transport
  • A minimal laydown area is required

As experts in the field, GROUP is fully-equipped to handle all aspects from start to finish of designing, procuring, installing, testing and securing helical piles to ensure a customized, solid foundation to deliver beyond expectations.