Jeff Ford Named New Deep Foundations Construction Manager!

Please join us in congratulating Jeff Ford as GROUP’s new Deep Foundations Construction Manager! After holding the position of Piling Superintendent for five years, Jeff’s vast experience in running large projects along with excellent client interface and knowledge in deep foundations is a resource we felt is better utilized on a larger scale than on single projects. We have no doubt Jeff will do a great job in this new role as we continue to improve and grow our already stellar deep foundations division team! Learn a little bit more about Jeff by checking out his answers to our Q&A session below.

Hometown: Denham Springs, LA

What attracted you to GROUP? I had only heard good things in our industry about GROUP. I’ve only been with 3 companies over my 23-year career. The older I got, the more I wanted a company to have a family-like atmosphere, be a place to call home, be locally owned and operated and to be where I eventually retire from. I found that with GROUP, and it was the best decision I have ever made. GROUP truly is a “family.”

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received? ALWAYS be open to others’ ideas, and never think that you know everything. There is always another way, and some idea by the lowest man on the totem pole may be the best idea!

When not working, how do you like to spend your time? I have a camp down on the river, and I am very rarely not there on one of my boats. I especially love boating with friends; we will run well over 100 miles per day. We’ll travel to New Orleans, Madisonville or Slidell for lunch and then back to the sandbar at the mouth of Blind River to watch the sunset. If it’s on the water, I absolutely love it. I have traveled by boat from coast to coast; it’s my passion and my love!